Who Can Volunteer/Mentor?

Anyone 18 years of age or older can volunteer once the required paperwork is completed. Volunteers under the age of 18, please contact the Club for more details.

What Will Volunteers Do?

BGCMC volunteers will spend quality time interacting with Club members and assisting in activities that promote academics, healthy lifestyle choices and good character & citizenship.  What does this mean? While daily programming varies by site volunteers will generally be assisting by:

Academic Opportunities occur 3-4 times a week:

  • Tutoring members ages 6-12 in a variety of academic subjects
  • Reading Coach to members and assisting with grammar, punctuation etc.
  • Assisting teen club members with college and career preparation activities; i.e. ACT/SAT practice, college applications and essays, resume writing, etc.
  • Assisting members with computer skills, i.e. typing, Microsoft Office, etc.
  • Teaching Fine Arts techniques along with assisting members with art projects

Healthy Lifestyles Opportunities occurs 2-3 times a week:

  • Speaking to members about the importance of nutrition/healthy eating
  • Supporting physical activities with the members
  • Speaking with kids about the importance of daily exercise
  • Planting and maintaining a garden with the members (Summer Only)
  • Teaching members etiquette in a variety of areas of life

Good Character and Citizenship Opportunities occurs 2-3 times a week:

  • Supporting gender specific programs about dating, hygiene, etc.
  • Talking to members about bullying and its negative effects
  • Speaking to members about developing leadership skills
  • Helping members with money management; teaching Junior Achievement
  • Establishing and developing career skills in our members

The Club would also like to extend an invitation to qualified persons to participate as specialized academic, athletic, STEM, arts & crafts, health or technology instructors.


Mentoring opportunities are available through our Westcott Club. Becoming a mentor requires a minimum 3-month commitment to meeting one-hour a week, once a week. By consistently mentoring the same group of Club members, mentors build stronger relationships with youth and are able to have a greater impact.

How Do I Become a Volunteer/Mentor?

Before volunteers can begin, they must complete a volunteer application, background check, and attend a volunteer orientation. Please use the links below to find the necessary forms and email them to myclub@bgclubmc.org, fax them to 219.874.4519, or call us at 219.873.2298.

BGCMC Volunteer Application